A warm welcome to www.beatles-worldwide.com, the website for the books BEATLES WORLDWIDE (An Anthology of LP releases) and BEATLES WORLDWIDE II ( An Anthology of Singles and EP-releases) Herzlich willkommen bei www.beatles- worldwide.com, der Webseite für die Bücher BEATLES WORLDWIDE ( An Anthology of original LP-releases) und BEATLES WORLDWIDE II  An Anthology of original Singles & EP-releases) ! BEATLES WORLDWIDE LP Cover EXHIBITION A selection of different record covers from his books BEATLES WORLDWIDE I & II is shown by Author Christoph Maus at an exhibition in the Hamburg Gallery MULTIPLE BOX from July,15 to August, 21, 2010. The exhibition is sponsored by Northern German Radio (NDR). BEATLES WORLDWIDE LP Cover AUSSTELLUNG In der Hamburger Galerie MULTIPLE BOX zeigt der Autor Christoph Maus vom 15.Juli -21.August 2010 eine Auswahl von verschiedenen LP Veröffentlichungen aus seinen Büchern BEATLES WORLDWIDE I & II. Medienpartner dieser Ausstellung ist der NDR. Hamburger Abendblatt 13. Juli 2010 FOCUS-Magazin 19. Juli 2010 Copyright © for the Content 2004, 2005, 2010 by Christoph Maus Webdesign © 2004, 2005, 2010 by Stefan Koch